Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Farewell to Summer { Photo Recap / Nikon F Test }

The three day weekend gave us a chance to see our family, our brand new niece, and, of course, the most popular weekend attraction - my sister's pool. / Here are the best shots I got from the vintage Nikon F camera with black and white Ilford xp2 film. Stay tuned for the official post on this camera, which my friend James is offering up for sale.


christopher said...

great images. I really like the last one of Wills kissing his new baby sister Amelia. Taylor has a future in modeling, that is quite a fierce pose.

Katie Benjamin said...

These are lovely. The use of film adds something extra special.

Sophorn said...

thank you sweeties. If someone doesn't buy this camera, I may just make an offer.

Rainah said...

Hello,mind to ask~ how much do you sell it? Greetings from Malaysia.

Sophorn said...

Rainah, feel free to email me. I'll give you the details I gave another recent inquiry. thanks.

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