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Guest Music Mix {Allison}

Architecture is a tough field to be in right now, and nothing pains me more to see great talent unused or move away from Memphis.  Thankfully though, my friend Allison just got promising work that’ll keep her from moving away. We would have missed her, not just because she’s a great upstairs renter, but because she's a good friend, and Atticus would have probably cried over it because he would have lost his favorite babysitter.

Although Atticus would certainly give glowing recommendations of Allison’s babysitting skills to all his friends, we’re glad for her she can start using her architectural skills again. Allison, as a licensed architect, has not only earned a degree in architecture but a Masters in anthropology as well – a combination that excites me since I don’t think architecture successfully exists or can function purposefully without the examination of the social being and human cultures. She is currently working, on various levels, with P|K|M Architects, Design500, and United Housing Inc. This week I’m excited to have her pick some motivating songs for our week.

Enjoy Allison’s grooving music mix listed below with the band name next to each day along with her song commentary. To find out what song she's selected, visit the sidebar music player each day. Thanks Allison!


Songs that have at one point or another helped me get going in the morning.

M / Amy Lavere / Hopefully you finished all your errands over the weekend, such as laundry, and are ready to start the week.

T / Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators / It is still not Thursday, so keep reachin'.

W/ Richard Cheese Covers The Beastie Boys / A smooth way to start your Wednesday. Lounge music at its finest. Picking out just one was difficult.

TH / Pixies / I think the song title says it all.

F / Wugazi - Mash-up of Wu-Tang Clan and Fugazi / Flashback to high school. Have a great weekend!

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