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Tasted ~ The Slider Inn

The owner of downtown’s Bardog Tavern just brought a whole new coolness to midtown. Aldo DeMartino, who recently leased this former bar and restaurant space, has proven not just any restaurant can liven up this somewhat formerly sad spot near the corner of Peabody and Cooper. Yes, truly a dream location for a business but it takes a few other design related things to express the personality that attracts customers. (See photo of the previous restaurant here.)

First giving credit to the incredible food and concept hopefully not fated to mere trendiness, the Slider Inn is just the cool place to be; eating and drinking completes the stay. The patio, now one of the best patios in midtown, existed in structure but lacked a key element in creating atmosphere – lighting. The strung café lights provide both the ambiance and visual intimacy that’ll remind you of other wonderful restaurants you’ve seen around the world. For me, it reminded me of restaurants in cities like Austin or Philadelphia I’ve visited. The super graphic signage crowning the building does more for the personality of the place than you’d expect. Is it just me being a graphic design geek for choosing to eat there confident the food would be as carefully considered because of the huge neon letters? Maybe so, but I was right.

Here’s what we tasted with favorites marked with an asterick*:
~Veggae Reggae Slider / White American and Swiss Cheese, Tomato, Caramelized Onions, Mushroom, Jamaican Relish, Avocado, and Spicy Mayo.*
~Bleu Cheese & Fried Onion Slider / Ground Beef Patty with warm bleu cheese and fried onions.*
~Potato Salad*
~House Salad with Avocado topping

I have to note that for some unexplained reason before trying their sliders, I was absolutely bored with eating burgers. So I guess it’s a true testament that I’m craving another slider from Slider Inn. Other than the slider size being more compatible to my intake level, the taste and denser quality of the bread won me over. Just as much as the signage.

The Slider Inn
2117 Peabody Ave
Memphis, TN 38104
ph +1.901.725.1155

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Photos by Sophorn.

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