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Meet Super Kitty

We’ve had this cute furry addition to our family for a whole week before Atticus would allow any photographs to be taken of her. He didn’t say exactly why, but I suppose he was being a bit protective since he asked if she’ll be famous now she’s been photographed. I was quick to laugh but then I remembered the name Atticus had given her – Super Kitty, and after hearing her story from the shelter found it very fitting, and I may be in some ways using this post to make Super Kitty the poster “kitten” for the Tunica Humane Society. / Read her story below by Sandy, one of the volunteers thanking our friend James who brought Super Kitty to us.

That little kitty had a really rocky start in life. I went and picked it up several weeks ago when I got a call from a lady that said her children had found the kitten and brought it home. The woman said she was afraid of cats and she wanted to get rid of it.

It was the next morning before I could ride out to her house. The lady wouldn't come to the door but her kids told me that the kitten was in a box at the side of the house. I walked around to the driveway and found this tiny kitten in a plastic container with the lid snapped on tight. It was sitting in the full sunlight. When I opened the container, the precious little cat was so weak; I never really thought it would make it. But I took it straight to our shelter and tried to give it some food and water. It literally dove into a small can of soft cat food. Its little face was completely covered in food.

Beverly volunteers with us at the shelter and she is our go to person on cats in distress. She took "Tiny" home for a few weeks.

This little guy is still fragile but it is truly a miracle that it lived.

Thank you so much, James. For helping us place this little soul.


Please donate to or adopt from the Tunica Humane Society or your local animal shelter today. Thanks again to James and Sandy!

Notice the cat tattoo.

He wanted to introduce you to her backside too.

Film photos by Sophorn.


  1. Wonderful post - just made a donation. :)

  2. Wow, thanks so much Natalie. Super Kitty and Atticus will be happy to hear they made a difference.


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