Friday, May 27, 2011

{To Pack} Outfits for the Long Weekend

Wow do I need a break. I'm ready to spend some time with my family and possibly do a little shopping with the holiday sales coming up. Here are few outfit ideas that I'm eying for the three day weekend from Daily Candy's Swirl offering great discounts. / Have a great weekend!

From left to right / Current Sales
~ Tote Bag / Onna Ehrlich
~ Romper / Urban Behavior
~ Dress / Apart
~ Bomber Jacket and Pants / Apart

Images via Swirl.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

braganza design / GROUP

My fellow AIA board and committee members Wendy and Chris of the newly rebranded braganza design / GROUP recently celebrated their three year anniversary of owning this Memphis architecture firm. Congrats guys! These are a few shots I took for their new website. [ Click to Enlarge ]

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Foodie Memphis at Asian Palace {Sneak Peek} / To Crave

One of the best Foodie Memphis gatherings so far. Photo shows the one item that stood out in my mind and my taste buds - the Frangang eggplant. It's just a simple vegetable dish that reminds me of my mom's cooking and I want more right now. Stay tuned for the full review at the Foodie Memphis blog. Read my previous review here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AIA TN Convention and Expo ~ 2011 Schedule

[Click to Enlarge] Registration for the 2011 AIA Tennessee Convention and Expo will soon be open. Meanwhile check out the great schedule of nationally recognized speakers and great Memphis tours. Convention brochure soon to be available. / Booths for product expo are still available. Contact me at sophorn [at] hotmail .com if you would like the exhibitors brochure/contract.

To get the latest news, follow @AIATennessee on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

Graphic design by Sophorn McRae.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Man { And Heart } Behind Eat Local Memphis

Imagine a city where the local people only wanted to eat at nationally owned chains and great locally owned restaurants just can’t stay in business. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. These cities do exist. Fortunately, Memphis is not one of these cities thanks to local movements like Eat Local Memphis because they recognize one main truth – small businesses thrive on local support. “Break the Chain. Eat Local.” is the slogan of Eat Local Memphis. Since there is probably not much else I need to say to describe the fundamentals of the movement, I’ll spend the rest of this posting uncovering the man behind the movement and the sole organizer of the Eat Local Memphis blog.

If you are a frequent reader of the Eat Local Memphis blog, you understand that the food reviews are almost always written with a pop culture association essentially to illustrate a point and entertain himself when writing it, Thomas says. I’ll attempt to imitate that here. My simple pop culture analogy will hopefully help one understand the true heart of Eat Local Memphis and the heart of its founder along with his role in the movement.

Eat Local Memphis in essence takes on the persona of Superman, an admired champion for the people. The eat local movement is something people seemed to have been waiting to get behind since eating local spurs our local economy and makes our city unique. If Eat Local Memphis is Superman, who you may ask is Clark Kent? Meet your average guy and lover of Memphis, Thomas Robinson. The analogy from here I found became quite easy. Smart, good looking, kind, and humble. Thomas is definitely our Clark Kent.

Over a brunch at The Beauty Shop, Thomas and his lovely lady Kat sealed those traits in my mind. Yes, Thomas started the Eat Local Memphis blog after Kat opened up her small bakery Muddy’s Bake Shop, but not once was it about solely promoting Kat’s business. There was the hands-on understanding that great small businesses along with their sweat and passion needed to be recognized. With the focus on local food and from the standpoint that food ties the city together, the eat local movement was formed.

Not long after we sat down to eat, I could tell Thomas and Kat not only supported local restaurants just by eating there but by getting to know the servers and owners. It’s about building relationships, says Thomas. This was also the reason why he couldn’t tell me his one favorite restaurant in Memphis as to not single out or leave any great ones out. He did give me a list of restaurants he and Kat frequented: Beauty Shop, Dejavu, Tsunami, Sweet Grass, Felicia Suzannes, and Trolley Stop Market. Places they're eager to try out and review are Acre on South Perkins, Bar None, Erling Jensen, and Jim’s Place East. This only proves there are incredible local choices for restaurants in Memphis.

The other thing I was curious to know was Thomas’ full time job which kind of made me say, “of course.” Thomas works at the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA) in fundraising development. They are a non-profit organization that addresses the challenges of poverty and started the movement “Something Good in Memphis.” Again revealing how much his heart is into helping Memphis. And with that, I leave you with the visual analogy we found very fitting to the Superman/Clark Kent theme in the very bottom photo.

Thanks Thomas and Kat for what you do to promote Memphis! You can also support local restaurants by buying the bumper stickers or t-shirts (slogan and design by Kat and her brother Kip) here or at various restaurants like Muddy’s or S.O.B. The proceeds go to the restaurant.

Food Details: Kat - egg pizzette. Thomas - carnitas and pear eggs Benedict, a grapefruit juice. You can see what Christopher, Atticus and I ordered at the Eat Local Memphis blog where he so kindly did a cross post about my blog origin also. 

Photos except those tagged eatlocalmemphis by Sophorn.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tasted ~ The Great Food Truck Race

There was a lot of excitement about the food trucks as they were affiliated with a big tv show Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race, but I was more excited Memphis was getting great food truck fare as we wait for local trucks to pop up. We tasted at least two things from all the food trucks over the weekend but I mainly have photos of two of them. Just in case, I won't say much more. Scroll to the bottom to get more specific food truck info.

As of right now the locations are as follows:
Hodge Podge Truck > At Yolo Midtown, Madison and Cooper
Korilla BBQ > At Bosco's, Madison and Cooper
Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese > At House of Mews/Sweet Grass, Cooper-Young
The Lime Truck > Peabody and S. Main, Downtown but may be heading to Overton Shell

I believe the theme for today is vegetarian. On twitter follow the hashtag #thegreatfoodtruckrace or #greatfoodtruckrace. You can also follow them on twitter although they can't promote themselves. @HodgePodgeTruck @RoxysGrilledChz @KorillaBBQ @TheLimeTruck @TylerFlorence @callmemochelle (#thelimetruck promoter)

Photos by Sophorn.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Memphis Redbirds Baseball and Rendezvous BBQ Nachos

In most baseball stadiums, the traditional fare people crave is the hot dog, but in Memphis, it's the barbecue nachos. I had to stand in a very long line for this baby. The sauce had plenty of kick (Rendezvous's bbq sauce is truly my favorite blend), and there was plenty of meatiness to make it a nice lunch.

Oh yeah there was also a baseball game. I don't think that once it seemed obvious to Atticus since he was too busy trying to catch the beautiful Kayce's attention in front of him. / Thanks archimania for a nice family afternoon out.

Redbirds Baseball Stadium
Corner of Union and Third

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

River History with Jimmy Ogle

In partnership with the RDC - Riverfront Development Corporation, Memphis historian and tour guide Jimmy Ogle is giving the history of the river, its past flooding, and Memphis history in general free as always to those interested. He was stationed last night at the sidewalk overlooking Riverside Drive between Beale and Union west of the AutoZone office tower and trolley tracks. Jimmy seems to know everything, I mean everything, about Memphis such as the name of the first person to get a traffic ticket in Memphis. Catch him again tonight, Thursday, and Friday from 6pm until sunset. You'll leave chock-full of interesting Memphis facts.

Photos by Sophorn.

Tasted ~ Morris Grocery BBQ Sandwich

It's true. I live in one of the best cities to get barbecue, and I don't eat it very often at all. With BBQ Fest coming this week, I've got a hankering for some good bbq and have been craving something like this sandwich I got from the obscure Morris Grocery in Eads, Tennessee - stuffed with plenty of warm, moist meat topped with tangy sauce and cole slaw.

Morris Grocery
10601 Macon
Eads, TN 38028
ph +1.901.755.5804

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lonnie Walker {Music Monday}

Song for Today is "Love Turn" by Lonnie Walker, my very first vinyl ever purchased and it's peach! I couldn't find a free mp3 to link to on the sidebar playlist so click here to listen. He sounds very similar to Langhorne Slim because they both fit it in that country punk genre I love. Happy Monday.

Photos by Sophorn.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

How Lucky I Am

I really am lucky to be this sweet kid's mom. He's so much fun to hang out with.
I love you Atticus.

To My Mom

Happy Mother's Day Mom
I don't know many mothers out there who's been through the things in life you have and have come through with such humour.  To some I have told and often to myself I recall how during the Khmer Rouge era in Cambodia you went through periods of exhausting labor and starvation while pregnant with me. I tear up everytime I think and as I'm writing this about how dad describes it as a miracle that we came to the US when we did so you could get proper treatment for your illness.  He said we would have lost you soon after and John would have never been born. It makes me sad but even more it makes me grateful I have you and I can still be able to hear your laughter.    

Love you Mom.

Photo by Sophorn. Taken on a trip back to my parent's first house in Cambodia.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tristan Clopet Album Cover Art / Progress Snapshot No. 1


Tristan’s first major album is entitled “Name It What You Want.” The definitive characteristics he gave for the cover art were that it have a black background and bright colors, which in this case would be similar to the already designed single cover art. The underlaying concept was of course album title driven that yes, it was abstract so that it was universal but also it is like an inkblot where one can take from it what they wanted. This then drove the technique of the ink splatters and paint brush strokes. The options below are shown in a layer by layer, step by step look at what works. There is also a layer of Tristan's handwritten progress music and lyrics for this album. I chose my favorites, A6 and C3, to add the final text and visualize as the final.

Option C are cropped derivatives of option A and B. The brush strokes are photoshop freebies I downloaded from here and here thanks to a tutorial from Digital Arts Magazine.

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