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Tristan Clopet Album Cover Art / Progress Snapshot No. 1


Tristan’s first major album is entitled “Name It What You Want.” The definitive characteristics he gave for the cover art were that it have a black background and bright colors, which in this case would be similar to the already designed single cover art. The underlaying concept was of course album title driven that yes, it was abstract so that it was universal but also it is like an inkblot where one can take from it what they wanted. This then drove the technique of the ink splatters and paint brush strokes. The options below are shown in a layer by layer, step by step look at what works. There is also a layer of Tristan's handwritten progress music and lyrics for this album. I chose my favorites, A6 and C3, to add the final text and visualize as the final.

Option C are cropped derivatives of option A and B. The brush strokes are photoshop freebies I downloaded from here and here thanks to a tutorial from Digital Arts Magazine.


  1. I can't find the tutorial anymore...

  2. I'm sorry. Try searching on that website under tutorials for paintbrush techniques. Thanks for reading.


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