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To Crave ~ Frank's Deli Club Sandwich

Toasted Wheatberry Bread
Homemade Chipotle Mayo
Melted Cheddar Cheese
Fresh Lettuce and Tomato
Smoked Chicken
Smoked Turkey
Smoked Ham
Smoked Hickory Bacon

No other sandwich has probably deserved to be spotlighted as much as this one. I was very aware that many locals have declared it the best sandwich in Memphis and even the best they’ve ever had, but before my first taste, I kept wondering how could it be that one of the most basic lunch foods could cause such an emotional response? It was clear from the first bite that this was no ordinary sandwich. The club sandwich from Frank’s Deli is the kind of sandwich that people not only crave but fall completely in love with. Because of its rare superiority, I couldn’t just post any ordinary snapshot of this beauty. I had to recruit the talented Dirk Olsen, a portrait photographer that is also a true fan of this sandwich.

I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to print it out and pin it next to your desk. Yeah, right there, next to the photo of all the people you love. Perfect.

Frank’s Deli

327 S. Main St
Memphis, TN 38103

Photos by Dirk Olsen. Graphics by Sophorn.

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