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Interim Brunch with Katie Benjamin

It’s very hard when close friends move away to different cities. It’s somewhat selfish to wish they would stay even though they’re following amazing opportunities, but in a broader scope I also feel sure Memphis lost some genuinely good and talented people. So after meeting graphic designer Katie Benjamin, a new friend who is just that, genuinely good and talented, I just beg that she’ll never leave Memphis. After learning about all she does with a great love for the city, it would surely be a loss.

The same goes for great local restaurants. They add so much life and pride to a city that you find yourself beyond wishing but believing they’ll always be there. In a sense, the enduring success of the restaurant begins when a friendship is developed between the restaurant and its patrons. Truly, Interim has understood this through a simple gesture – the open kitchen. The chef can communicate with the diners through sight, sounds, and “savory aromas”. The result is a comfortable and engaging atmosphere that wins over devoted fans/friends.

For brunch, we weren’t able to see Executive Chef Jackson Kramer in action but chefs Yssac Ramirez and Shari Haley produced some beautiful dishes that day. Here’s a list below of what we tasted and what we want to try next time.

~Pan Seared Salmon - Summer vegetable orzo pasta, cucumber relish, salsa verde.
~Beef Tips - Seared beef tenderloin, fried farm egg, grits, spinach, red wine sauce.

To be Tasted
~Golden Malted Waffle
~Mac and cheese
~Interim Burger - Neola farm’s beef, white cheddar, apple wood bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles & roasted garlic aioli on a kaiser bun.

When I asked Katie about her meal, she made me giggle when she said, “Well, my usual food critique usually only extends to, "Yum,", but I can say the salmon was flavorful, tender and perfectly cooked, and the cucumber relish was a great complement to the meat.” I ordered the Beef Tips because I usually only want beef when I know the restaurant serves and prepares it with a high level of quality. With the grits so flavorful, the overall dish was something extraordinary.

Interim Restaurant and Bar
5040 Sanderlin Avenue
Memphis, TN 38117

Thanks Katie for designing the title image. See more of her work here.

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Photos by Sophorn.

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