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Thai Bistro {Sneak Peek}

Some great restaurants move from downtown to out east (sadly) and some like Thai Bistro start out east and add a second location downtown. Brilliant. I can say that proudly since the owners are Cambodian. They've really revamped their part of downtown. Here's a sneak peek of my dinner with my friend Tia and Atticus. Guess what I'm craving now.

Thai Bistro and Sushi
148 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN 38103

Photos by Sophorn. Lighting assistant: Atticus.


  1. You shouldn’t be sad at all because, as you said, there’s another restaurant that opened up, where you unpredictably enjoyed the food. It seems like you and your friend had a great time there. Anyway, what are the food they usually serve there? And what are your favorites? Is their service good as well? ->Jolie's Louisiana Bistro

  2. Hi Lawrie. They serve great stir-fry dishes. The service is pretty good. favorite has to be the beignet bites dessert in the last photo. They closed their downtown location actually a few months ago. you should try their germantown location.


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