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Lunch at City Market with Amy Dale

The last time I featured City Market, downtowners were thrilled to finally get an actual grocery store in the center of downtown. Since then they've added a impressive deli component with signature lunch items including Indian dishes and sandwiches inspired by the heritage of owners Hamida and Sunny.

It's the perfect lunch and business meeting spot for two downtowners - me, a downtowner at heart and my friend Amy Dale, a true downtowner. Beyond its convenient location on South Main and Union, they accommodate quite a list of particulars and offer great urban amenities: gluten-free items, vegan items, free wi-fi, outdoor patio seating, indoor seating with great views, late night hours, rare imported food items, local products, and prepackaged take home meals.

With the help of the sweet Hamida, Amy found gluten-free dishes to choose from and I got suggestions for the most popular items. Below is what we tasted.

{Amy} Freshly made Tuna Salad Salad
{Sophorn} The Blazing Beale - Curry Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, and cucumber on Naan Bread with homemade potato chips.

It was a fantastic lunch absorbing the energy of downtown and the always fun Amy Dale. I was very excited to be helping her convey her fun energy in her new logo, part of a rebranding of her photography business. You can see a preview of the designs here and proof of how talented a photographer she is here

I also came a week later to try the other popular item Hamida suggested - The Tuscan Powerhouse Panini shown in the last photo. The next visit after that I tried the next popular suggestion, The Blue Goat panini. I hate to admit it but popularity rules. But I guess when it comes to eating, I really don't like risking disappointment. So my suggestion is go with Hamida's suggestions. You won't be disappointed.


City Market and Deli
66 South Main St
Corner of Union and Main Memphis, TN 38103

For up to date information on where you can find gluten-free items in Memphis, follow Amy's GFMemphis on twitter.

Photos by Sophorn

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