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Family Time

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and was able to spend it with the people they love. Whether that means your family or not. It's with them you feel at home and truly yourself. I have such a great family that I wished lived closer to me, so holidays are that much more meaningful, getting to spend time with the family. The people that have no problem telling you what they really think, though it means that in the end, when they say they love you and care for you, you know they truly mean it. 

This year was particularly special because Atticus spent Christmas with me and my brother John flew in from Singapore. All of us finally gathering at my sister Sophea's house on Christmas eve. A foggy Christmas eve? I had to capture it with a few willing subjects.

/// Christmas Day - Atticus was definitely excited about his gifts like the new games on his iPad, the magic slushi maker, a framed photo of his new crush, all the things he asked for, but the biggest smiles and his happiest moments were with the family as they opened their gifts during Dirty Santa. Dirty Santa warms my heart.

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