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Nashville { Part 1 }

A reliable cure for my frequent bouts of wanderlust is only three hours away. Nashville is my current fix for an urban weekend getaway. Plus, traveling with a partner that I can best describe as being in absolute harmony with my soul combined with a chance to see Mumford and Sons at the Ryman took away all the stress. At least for those few days. 

With a great opportunity to design graphics for the AIA Tennessee convention taking place in Nashville's new Music City Center, I'll be taking several quick visits to Nashville this year. So for now, enjoy part one. 


/// List of places that follows the order of photos.

Union Station Hotel
with Prime 108 restaurant
1001 Broadway
Downtown Nashville
A historic train station converted to a high end hotel.

Hotel Indigo
301 Union Street
Downtown Nashville
The boutique hotel where we stayed. Great location near Printer's Alley.

sam's sushi bar 
200 4th ave north #441
Downtown Nashville
This restaurant was recommended to us by someone at the hotel. Psst, it's run by a "sushi nazi." - a title Dirk gave him after the sushi chef yelled at us because we didn't see the sign that said "locals/ regulars only." He still served us though. Just be prepared if you try to sneak in for the first time.

Antique Archaeology 
1300 Clinton St, Suite 130
Nashville 37203
This is the store run by the guys on the show American Pickers that airs on the History Channel.

Film photos by Sophorn.


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