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Breakfast at West Egg Cafe

Good morning. With breakfast, great morning. Breakfast at West Egg Cafe, awesome morning.

I speak in past tense, about 5 months past tense, which was the last time I was in Atlanta and right after my first serious camera arrived in the mail. I was itching to test out my d700 and scouted out design savvy places in Atlanta using my favorite blogs such as Design Sponge and Bonnie Tsang.

West Egg Cafe turned out to be in the part of Atlanta that would make residents of Portland or Austin feel right at home. A slew of nationally known and local design shops cup the multistory building of restaurants, residences and offices. West Egg was the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a hot cup of tea and a southern breakfast. I wasn't able to shoot any of the interior space per their request but the photos on their website will help you understand how happy a designer like me could have possibly been. Cool light fixtures. Check. Tolix stools. Check. Vintage photo booth. Check. Not suggesting there's a formula that would make it remotely pretentious. The overall design does what good design does. Makes you, well, happy.

~Fried Green Tomato Wrap
~Cheese Grits

West Egg Cafe
1100 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318

Photos/graphics by Sophorn.

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