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Tasted { Hog & Hominy }

GQ magazine listed Hog & Hominy as one of the 12 Best American restaurants of 2013, one of the places you must eat at this year. Enough said.

Actually, there's not enough that can be said about this restaurant. High caliber tastings served in a casual atmosphere right here in Memphis. I have to tell you it made even other restaurant owners personally rave to me and push me to make a visit. Their marketing phrases such as "Delizioso Y'all" immediately prepares you to enjoy each and every visit. When you're not too busy enjoying yourself, you'll see the "casual" atmosphere was by thoughtful design - the food, the branding, the interiors, everything.

 My friend Diana joined me for my first visit to try out what they were best known and praised for - the pizza. Without much research, we ordered the traditional margherita pizza and a side of collards. It was a perfect light lunch. The wood fire cooked crust, sauce, and fresh toppings had me wanting more. 

Since talking to other people, the signature Red Eye pizza only served during dinner is a fan favorite. Chef/owners Andy and Michael also of AM Italian Kitchen created the pizza as the answer to a hangover cure - with the egg, some fat from the pork and their "sugo" (meat sauce) all of which they say helps "warm the belly".

Here are some other things they recommend on your next visit:
~Some believe that you must judge a pizzeria by its Margherita, so we definitely recommend trying ours. 
~The Shrooms is a staff favorite - the mushrooms are so hearty you may not even realize it is vegetarian! 
~The Prewitt is also very popular these days (written about in the March issue of GQ.) 
~Our restaurants are know for nose-to-tail cooking, so our Buffalo Pig Tails (a play on 'buffalo wings' with hot sauce and celery leaf)are a great way to experience how delicious lesser known parts of the hog can be. 
 ~The Peanut Butter pie is another staple - melding banana slices and vanilla pudding with a vanilla wafer crust. (photographed below).

I also saw the making of the pizza with Sous Chef Trevor Anderson. He described that the wood used in the brick oven is red oak, because it burns hotter and doesn't give off as much flavor (allowing the food to shine through.) Watching the whole process made the pizza so much more craveable. Maybe looking through the photos of the process will do the same for you.


Upcoming Event 
Hog & Hominy is hosting a Friends of James Beard dinner at AMIK on April 14. Five guest chefs from across the country are coming in to cook alongside Andy and Michael. You can find more information on their blog here.

Hog & Hominy
707 W Brookhaven Circle
Memphis, TN 38117

 Photos/graphics by Sophorn. Thanks Brittney, Andy, and Michael. Interiors by Sarah Spinozza. Hog & Hominy on Urbanspoon


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