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Tasted { Chiwawa }

Right on the edge of the revitalizing Overton Square is this gem of a restaurant that successfully fills the gap in the Madison Avenue street scape - Chiwawa.  As I've been working on the Overton Square master plan design with LRK, I've noticed that the idea to develop this area as an arts, theater and entertainment district has had some positive effect on the individual design concepts of the restaurants themselves. They aren't just little spots just to eat but places that have the sense of entertainment: providing places to party, to lounge, and in the case of Chiwawa now with an outdoor patio and huge screen, to watch movies. 

Chiwawa located themselves in the abandoned Chicago Pizza restaurant, where locals have for some time dreamed would be revitalized. They also reused the building and old patio area with the beloved arch sign to the hopes of locals thanks to the design team at brg3s. Using warm and honest materials in a minimalist style, the no fuss design sets the tone for the food as well. It's a no fuss, family friendly menu with plenty of creative drinks to keep you wanting to stay for hours.

My first visit with Atticus was a slow start. He didn't want to eat and wouldn't even look at the menu, but his demeanor changed 180 degrees once my food came out. Chips with delicious queso and the grilled corn (elote) seriously made his eyes widen and both hands raise up ready to attack. I regrettably only ordered one corn on the cob. One is not enough to share. Also, Atticus can't just eat plain corn on the cob now. It has to be cheesy with lots of lime.

Other things I knew I had to try were the tacos. My pick of three were the Taco de Pescado (fish), Taco al Pastor (pork with their "901" bbq like sauce), and Taco de Pollo (chicken). My favorite was the light and fresh taco de pescado.  I didn't try any special drinks or cocktails this time, but I did get to photograph someone else's I was eyeing: the cherry limeade. 

For this Cinco de Mayo, the restaurant is hoping to start serving the much anticipated adult snow cones, such as the one I can't wait to try - the margarita snow cone. 

Have a great weekend! 

Chiwawa Midtown
2059 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN 38104

Photos and graphics by Sophorn.

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  2. Thanks so much! Haha, I have more posts coming soon in order to keep up the good work.

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