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{ Lunch } HUSK Nashville

Simply delicious. There could not have been a better way to end the 3-day visit to Nashville than with the unforgettable meal we had at Husk. 

And it was a highlight in an incredible three days - attending a convention with inspiring architects from all over the country, accepting an architecture design award for my firm, and sharing the whole experience with my amazing man who, although had declared the lunch at Husk the best meal of his life, won't be disappointed I may never be able to cook anywhere close to that level. (The only thing close to disappointment was that we weren't the ones that drove up in the vintage Porsche parked outside.)

Overlooking downtown Nashville from Rutledge Hill, the restaurant preserves a beautiful 19th century home with part of the grounds converted to a vegetable and herb garden. Also sourcing from local vendors to provide the freshest ingredients possible, Husk, led by Chef Sean Brock, crafts a new menu daily.  

With this freshness and care towards the final dish, we were rediscovering the taste of southern favorites in new and unexpected ways. 

See photos of our entire meal after the jump.

37 Rutledge


Husk was part of the AIA Tennessee Convention Architect's Guide to Nashville. To see the guide and the rest of the interviews with the architecture convention speakers, click here.

Photos by Sophorn, except for exterior car and full vegetable plate photo by Dirk. Special thanks to our server, who was from Memphis!


  1. Carolina rice griddle cakes what hooked me the first time Husk was brought to my attention. Smoky Nashville atmosphere and chic at the same time. Love this joint. Your picture are some kind of beautiful. Keep up the good cheer!

  2. Thanks John. The rice griddle cakes sound so good. Hopefully I'll get to try the original Husk in Charleston this summer.


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