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hexed - the hexagon craze in decor

Last week on Style Sessions, I featured the new logo for Memphis Fashion Week and spoke with the logo's designer Michael Overton about the significance of the logo's shape - the hexagon of which I had a current obsession. I've seen it used in many design elements from logos and graphic layouts to fashion accessories and interior design. Unlike most things that is frequently used, the hexagon and honeycomb pattern seems to stay fresh as it gets reinterpreted.

I previously featured a collection of fashion accessories I wanted to own and did own (those hoops) in the MFW logo feature, but here I wanted to showcase functional items that carry on my hexagon craze, items I actually have on my apartment wish list.

1. Trays - DWR  2. Stool - WoodSmithe  3. Towel Ring - Urban Outfitters  4. Nesting ShelvesHaaseHandcraft

I've also started a Pinterest board for this topic here. And please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Photos via image source links above. MFW logo by Inferno.


  1. I'm crazy over hexagon stuffs too! Especially accessories.
    Please share more on this.

  2. These stools that you scored from Woodsmithe are on point. Prominently the way it cones toward the base. Geometrical designs have a way of maintaining its minimalist aspect and serving its sophistication well. Especially in all sorts of modern apartment settings. And don't even get me started on shapes within shapes.

  3. I added more to the Pinterest board. And well said Jane. So much to discover and experiment.


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