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Graphic Design Translated into Architecture/Interiors : Integrated Signage, Part 1

Very few signage designs fit this category of integrated signage design where the environmental graphics are key components of the architectural or interior language. Collaboration early on in the design phase or a clear understanding of the architectural language is evident in the final result. These inspirational examples are just the first ones I'm beginnning to collect as I work on future projects as a architect+graphic designer conscious of this collaborative opportunity.

caption format} project name / signage designer / architect / notes

7 World Trade Center / Pentagram / SOM ~ Skidmore, Owings & Merrill / Amazing how the signage informs the logo design shown here on the sales book.

The Cooper Union new academic building / Pentagram / Morphosis / When viewed in strict elevation, the words read correctly without the distortion. Notice how the letters become a subtraction of the building's skin as it wraps the canopy.

Landmark Sign for United States Border Crossing at Massena, NY / Pentagram / Smith-Miller & Hawkinson / The super-graphic signage is placed well within the layers of the building facade. It actually reminds me of a building I designed last year using the same super-graphic composition and building proportion.

Kreissparkasse office interior signage / L2M3 / unknown / Like the Cooper Union signage, these letterings can only be viewed correctly without distortion from one point of view. Otherwise, the letterforms begin to morph as you approach it.

Vai com Deus {Go with God} graphic installation for a small chapel in Portugal / R2 Design / unknown / The designers were asked to make a "graphic intervention" to attract art conscious residents. The words are everyday expressions that include God's name. The matching color and material texture of the signage appears as if the words emerged right from the walls.

National Gallery Victoria interior signage / emerystudio / unclear / The graphic signs are created by wrapping itself around window mullions to appear more 3-dimensional.
Photos from signage designer's websites and SEGD.


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