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Shop Local: Xanadu Music & Books

Amazing reuse of materials, the Lowebowe guitar, a cigar box instrument, is crafted by musician and owner of Xanadu, John Lowe. Each one is unique and can be custom made to suit. I don't play guitar but just appreciate their raw beauty. The one I was able to hear played by Wally, who you will find there on the weekends and is a wealth of music information, was equipped with strings situated so one could play both bass and guitar and with a free foot for the drums could be a one man band. Go take a listen for yourself.

You'll also find other guitars such as BC Rich, Dan Electro, Court, and Pormosa {Spanish guitars}. Plus amplifiers.

Oh, and I can't forget the nice collection of new and used books along side the music room where John sometimes performs with his Lowebowe.

Xanadu Music & Books
2200 Central Ave
Memphis, TN 38104
Tel. +1 901.274.9885

Open Weekdays 11 to 7 ~ Saturday 10 to 7 ~ Sunday 1 to 5

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