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30 Days Marks 30 Years

In 30 more days I celebrate 30 years of my life, which began in Cambodia the same year the reign of Pol Pot ended. Makes me emotional to think that after so many people died unjustly, I was born. And from that, I know I am blessed. Earlier this year many Cambodians celebrated this end of brutality as a mark of hope and redemption~ again, out of tragedy rises hope; and so I guess I'm celebrating with the same idea in mind.

This April, I am starting an awareness of what struggles Cambodians still face 30 years later with 30 Days of Hope, a rally to raise funds and supplies for a mission trip to provide hope to Cambodia, a trip my dad passionately spoke about and hopefully can participate in this May. We are looking to close the 30 days with a benefit concert in Memphis, so please start thinking about ways you can help. Auctions, donation parties, etc. Email me at sophorn@hotmail.com.

The music playlist is a miniature soundtrack for the un-made movie about my family's journey from Cambodia. This is dedicated to my amazing parents and those going through a recent tragedy. Ordinary people become extraordinary. Death does not defeat.


  1. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Love You! -hubby-

  2. Coolness! When are you gonna be in Cambodia? My Dad and I are thinking of going in mid-July. Christy

  3. The work that you're doing is absolutely amazing. God Bless! - Matt Tang


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