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30 days of hope: how you can help

Thank you all for the positive response I've received. Here are the ideas so far on the events for the 30 days of hope to reach our goal of awareness of Cambodia's past, present, and future and to raise funds to make a hopeful future. Funds will support the mission work of FCC Missions Cambodia this year which my dad is hoping to participate in.
  • 30 postings (one post a day) from Cambodians and non-Cambodian volunteers that give their personal story or share a topic on Cambodia's history or culture. Need volunteers to research, write, or find links to post.
  • Kick-off Party April 2: Part of Cooper-Young Night Out where you can view auction items in person.
  • Cambodian New Year-April 12-14 celebration
  • Online auction: need volunteers to either request auction items or make/donate your own pieces
  • Speaking engagement with "How they killed my father" author Loung Ung: Unable to schedule her for April but one of the 30 postings will be about this book. She is currently busy working on a new book.
  • Viewing of the movie "The Killing Fields": Need a another movie about more current Cambodian topic.
  • Benefit concert to close the 30 days - Thursday, April 30 at Nocturnal a.k.a. formerly the Antenna Club, Madison Ave, Memphis, TN: Need musicians of all musical backgrounds to contribute their talent in performing.
Photo caption: The motorbike is a very common way to travel in Cambodia. How many people can you fit on a motorbike? Battambang, Cambodia ~ December 2005 ~ Photo by Sophorn McRae


  1. count me in for a non-cambodian posting.

  2. christopher mcraeMarch 11, 2009 at 4:10 PM

    christopher mcrae was previous anonymous who wrote "count me in for a non-cambodian posting!"


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