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ear "treasures"

I am starting a second music player to play songs I just can't get out of my head but are not "earworms" that are annoying but more like ear "treasures" that I wish I could remember all the lyrics to or play on my keyboard. Hope they are treasures to you too. The playlist will build everytime I add a song just in case you miss a day.

The song for today is La La La La La by boy eats drum machine.
This is the intro song to the latest mix (2.28.09) from JeffMix Industries. The music, its sounds and beats, are just refreshing.

The song from 3.11.09 is Mexico by Jump Little Children.
This song is one of Zack Braff's 5 song selections for KCRW's Guest DJ Project. The band was one of the most recommended bands on Zach's myspace page. The band has broken up but the lead singer Jay Clifford has released a solo album Driving Blind.

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  1. Sealion rocks! listened to it and don't want to get it out of my head. thanks. LYC


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