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30 days of hope: the reason behind it all

{my sweet husband Christopher, my almost 3 yr old Atticus who is always a blur, and me with a rare appearance in front of the camera}

Today, I celebrate 30 years of my life, which began in Cambodia the same year the reign of Pol Pot ended. More importantly, this year is also the year that Cambodians finally see justice when the Khmer Rouge goes on trial for the brutality on their own people. Knowing this significance in the history and current events of Cambodia, I decided that I don't want to celebrate myself but Cambodia and my parents especially because they are the reason we got out of Cambodia during that time and that I am even alive.

The reason why this mission trip is important to my dad is because he wanted to take action in doing something good for others. I had already knew that I would do something important for my birthday so when I heard that he didn't really have any money to go on the trip, I knew I had to make this my cause for a fundraiser. I am in some way showing appreciation to my dad in helping him in his cause.

{my mom Seakleng, Atticus at 3 months, and my dad Long}

To let you know how committed he is to this mission, he had asked off from work and they told him no. He risks losing his job. He weighed heavily on whether he should go on the mission or not and decided to go because he knows that God is calling him to do this. We knew that God would bless him for this and he did. The factory scheduled to fully reopen in may is not to reopen until after his mission trip. "Thank God!" my dad says.


30 Days of Hope is a rally to raise awareness of Cambodia's past, present and future and to raise funds to make a hopeful future. The funds will support the mission work of my parents with the First Covenant Church Missions Cambodia this year.
Happy Birthday to my oldest sister Sophea who is also celebrating today April 2!


  1. btw i'm really diggin this sleepyhead song...is it from a movie, sounds really familiar

  2. not sure if it's from a movie, I got it from a playlist of the best from Austin's SXSW music fest.


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