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My Dad's Story and Our Journey from Cambodia

{my dad Long as he is today}
My parents never really talked about their time in Cambodia especially of the time during Pol Pot's reign nor did I really ask. I finally did ask and listened to dad give a very touching account of our journey from Cambodia. My appreciation for my parents increased. It is featured in this month's Women of Style, Spirit and Success e-magazine. I hope you'll be inspired. Please excuse the grammatical errors. I rushed to finish writing it at 3am. It also didn't get proofread. Lesson learned.
Click link to read: http://www.womenofsss.org/WSSS%20E-Magazine%20April%202009%20issue.pdf
Special thanks to Marva Ballard,
President and CEO of the Women of SSS

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  1. what an amazing story. i am glad he finally opened up to you and answered your questions. i can kind of understand the 80% stat for young cambodians who don't know much about the khmere rouge. seems like people just don't want to talk about such horible memories. we are all better off learning about your families incredible story. God truly has worked miracles in all of your lives.


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