Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Best of Neocon 2009: Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

One of the best showrooms was Janus Et Cie which had an abundant collection of modern and traditional indoor/outdoor furniture. Some of my favorites are below.
Forest Chair

Miralook Chair

The Juice Lounge Chair

Poet Bench

Photos from Janus Et Cie. Click here to read more and see their online catalog.


Shangrila said...

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JANUS said...

That Brown Leather Chair is actually the Juice.

diana said...

okay i love ALL OF THESE CHAIRS!!! but that poet table looks cool but would drive me crazy: 1) i wear shorts and/or skirts a lot and would have that pattern imprinted all over my lower half; 2) i hate not being able to just WRITE at a table-- meaning you would need a clipboard or a binder or a notebook to bear down on.

where is Neocon? are you going this year?

Sophorn said...

in Chicago. I would love to go sometime again. It's in June every year.

Jackie said...

I wonder how that would compare to my current outdoor wood furniture? I kinda like that modern feel.

furniture gallery said...

Thanks for sharing these chairs. Good post.

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