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Idea Notebook: Illustration / Graphic Design

I have often been told the technique of creating depth and dimension in renderings is adding shadow but it's not often apparent that adding "light" would also heighten that effect. I only recently discovered this when browsing through the online portfolio of illustrator/graphic designer Jay Fletcher. The best example is his latest design for a restaurant called Shine shown here.

Technique The "shine" effect was created in Photoshop through 4 to 5 layers with varying degrees of opacities and blurs. The blurring added transparency; thus the more blurring, the more transparency. The layer directly behind the main chandelier is a copy of that shape with just a slightly blurred edge. The very back layer is what he describes as "a giant, super-blurred airbrush hit at a very low opacity, so that it's essentially just lightening the background a bit." This adds the effect that the light is hitting a far-away background. All layers use the same orange color. Amazing result!

Jay Fletcher
Illustration / Graphic Design
Charleston, South Carolina

Thank you Jay for sharing your techniques!

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing with us, this Illustration and Graphic Designing information.


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