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O-wow #4 ~ What I've Been Waiting For

Photographer Trey Ratcliff with his application of an ever growing technique has literally uncovered a mystery to me. Always disappointed with the way my photographs came out so different from the way my eyes see it, I would wish my eye was a camera and could output its images. Ratcliff describes his use of the technique HDR, High Dynamic Range, as just that. Like your eye "letting in more light in some areas, less light in others" to create "a 'patch-work quilt' of the scene," Ratcliff's application of HDR is the process of combining say five photos taken at different shutter speeds to make an amazing image that you can now share with others the beauty of the scenery instead of saying, "Believe me it was beautiful".

Some of my favorite examples of his work are below. To see more of his work and read his HDR tutorial, click here.

The above graphic by Fabien Barral of images from Ratcliff's upcoming book Stuck in Customs is what brought me to Trey's site. It has been my new design inspiration.
Photos from Trey Ratcliff, Stuck in Customs. Graphic label design by Sophorn.

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