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Hound Dogs Memphis

Yes, Hound Dogs, a hot dog and refreshment vendor finding a welcomed presence in downtown Memphis, is the latest business venture that my husband Christopher has been diligently operating for the past two months. Just recently though have we really started having fun and being creative with it.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool to communicate to customers was probably the best advice we received thanks to our sister-in-law Shannon, a journalist who writes about small businesses. Plus, it turned out to be more fun posting updates than we imagined. Posting the usual real-time cart arrival and departure to and from its location on Union and Main led into "word of the day" and "trivia question of the day" to get more interaction with pedestrians and frequent customers looking to earn another signature to a free hotdog or drink. {10 signatures on a card, also earned by each purchase, gets you that free item.}

Follow Hound Dogs on Twitter @mainsthounddogs.

Above photos include 1} a sneak peek into the logo design Christopher and I are developing 2} Hound Dogs location on the southeast corner of Union Avenue and Main Street 3} Christopher in Memphis Tigers blue, subliminal marketing technique. Know your audience!

1}Customer thinking of an answer for the day's trivia question while Christopher prepares his order. 2}The Hebrew National kosher beef dog with mustard, relish, and saurkraut. A turkey dog is also available. 3} A happy customer signs his picture for the comment board.

See the most current menu below.

In the News
Hound Dogs is just one of three hot dog vendors downtown. The Commercial Appeal, the local newspaper, wrote a decent article about the three which issued yesterday.
Click here to read the article.

Fresh Squeezed Limeade and Fresh Squeezed Cherry Limeade
Hound Dogs is also gaining a reputation for delicious limeade fresh-squeezed and mixed when ordered. It follows in the footsteps of Toomer's Corner. If there are any Auburn fans out there, you will know how good we're talking about.

Now Out on Saturdays
For the past two Saturdays, Christopher has been out on the usual corner of Union and Main catering to the summer weekend traffic of both locals and tourists. Saturdays has also been a chance for our son Atticus to help out with the business yelling "We have hotdogs! Get your hotdogs!," attracting the attention of all the ladies, and making sure people know "Poppy" delivers to cars. His incentive: free hotdogs, limeade, and of course, the obvious favorite snow cones.

Cold Summer Treat ~ Snow Cones in Blue Raspberry or Cherry Flavors
The perfect treat to beat the Memphis heat.

Thank you to all who have supported Hound Dogs so far and those yet to come.
Please continue to support all local businesses big or as small as ours. Hope to see you soon.

Letting You in on the Joke
Christopher's bio on his twitter is "Best looking purveyor of hot dogs, fresh squeezed limeades, and snow cones on the corner of Union &Main!" which references the song from the first season of Flight of the Conchords "Most Beautiful Girl {In the Room}". Click here to see the music video on YouTube. Our favorite line is "And when you're on the street, depending on the street. I bet you are definitely in the top three."

So, yes, Christopher you are definitely the best looking hot dog vendor on Union and Main and are in the top three of most attractive hotdog vendors on Main.

Photos by Sophorn McRae.


  1. Hey,

    I found you on Twitter...

    My name is Steve Schaible. I run a hot dog cart industry website and blog called HotDogProfits.com, and I produce a podcast called Hot Dog Cart Radio.

    From what I see on your blog here, you've got a real classy operation going. You're doing it right!!!

    I would love to do a phone interview with you for the show.

    Check me out at www.HotDogProfits.com/blog and let me know if you would be interested.


  2. would love to do an interview with ya. just let me know when and where.

  3. I know it's been some time since this post but I just discovered it today and wanted to comment on the kindness of your husband. We met him last year after returning to the states from a 3-year jaunt on Guam. We were exploring downtown with our 3 boys and happened to come across a lovely little hot dog stand. It was right after we ate so did not have the pleasure of a hot dog but as we waited for the trolley your husband gave the boys pieces of bread to feed the pigeons. It was a random act of kindness but one the boys still talk about. ("Remember when that man gave us bread to feed the pigeons?") Thanks for making their day!


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