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It Happened Again

I almost titled this posting "Why Husbands Should Never Dress the Kids" but that would generalize and stereotype the men out there too much. It would also take the spotlight off my husband just a little, and since we joke about this, he might as well take all the credit.

2 Things Happened Again
1}Not being prepared for picture day + the hubbie dressing Atticus as he normally would.
2}Buying another studio portrait that we always vowed to never pay for.

1} Recent action shot with a dance move I'm sure he learned from his Poppy. 2}First class photo wearing his 1-piece sleep and play.
Note: Parents normally pick Atticus out of the group because of the enthusiastic expression on his face not what he's wearing. That's comforting.

The Upside / What We've Learned
We get a good laugh, and we've learned that documenting life includes every type of photo including those not our own.
Below is the collage by Bsquared Photo we didn't purchase. Grandparents, it's up to you. Let us know.

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  1. i think his outfit looks quite nice! i am the one who put it on him...


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