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Inside the {Logo} Design ~ Buck Daddy Blog / Part 1 / Understanding the Client

Welcome to the series Inside the Design done just a little different than before by following the process of a particular design step-by-step. For this series, everyone will be invited to follow the logo development of the of BuckDaddyBlog as it happens. Buck Rogers is a father and blogger about fatherhood and will be the client for this series. We have agreed that posting the inspiration and ideas I develop can be an efficient and fun way to communicate. Hope you enjoy watching the design develop and that you will suggest any ideas or offer up any comments as well.

{Step 1} The Q&A
Below are the initial questions and answers in understanding the direction to take. {The current blog banner design is above. Click on photo to visit his blog.}

1. What is the actual name to be marketed and expressed in main logo?
BuckDaddyBlog is the main name to be expressed and marketed.

2. What color schemes do you know you want or don't want?
No Orange. Red, Black, Grey, I am trying to convey parenting, dad, and trust. Some of the mom blogs look very professional but are a little girl and cartoony. I want to be similiar but manly.

3. What's the attitude you want to convey? Such that graphically can be modern, traditional, cutting edge, handmade, or rough.
Modern Cutting Edge but soft enough to be a parent.

4. Who's your audience?
My audience is parents both men and women. I also want to be taken seriously by companies.

5. What are traits about you or things that define you that can inform the design? State which of those is most important.
Most importantly I am a parent but that I am a dad.

6. Where will it the logo appear? List all: blog banner, business card, letterhead?
The logo would be used in the blog header, business cards, and a button for other blogs.

{Step 2} Interpretation
Interpreting the desire of the client based on the responses above.

The main words that jump out at me are professional, parent, and manly or dad. To be professional, the quality of the logo design needs to be on par or beyond the level of what the big guys are doing. This means just being aware of more than the big name bloggers but big time companies such as Apple and 3M. The challenge I see is balancing the softness of the parent with the strength of being a dad. The design is not apparent yet but with experimentation the design will emerge.


{Step 3} Client's Examples and Interpretation

Below are some logos that Buck has sent as examples of his taste and ultimately the minimum level of quality he is trying to achieve. Below each banner are the clues I am taking and have confirmed as the client's desire to be applied to the final logo. {Click on banner images to visit site.}

Idea} 2 colors essentially: a personality color and white. simple font. nice graphic symbol representing communication.

Idea} Fatherhood is clear. Logo has some play with composition. Colors are bold.

Idea} Initials start to inform a bug, the C B, which can be used separately on material. Simple font.

Idea} Themed. Use of a recognizable symbol to define strength.


Stay tuned for Part 2 / Collected Inspiration.

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  1. I am excited about this process and documenting it Your insights on other designs and my thoughts are spot on


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