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Inside the {Logo} Design ~ Buck Daddy Blog / Part 2 / Collected Inspiration

I have collected a lot of graphic design and logo inspiration over the years, but as I approach each project I browse through my collection again and start a new search for the latest ones to find those that best inspire that particular design. See the logo / identity / branding examples below with explanations of what ideas can be extracted from each and tested in the BuckDaddy blog logo or similar client type.

Although this is more of an internal step for me to begin experimenting and testing ideas, I do find it useful to share these sources of inspiration with the client along with my own examples of completed work to communicate the standard of quality and style I want to achieve in the end. Be careful with this though, as expectations are being set, and you need to be prepared to meet or exceed them. The client may be expected to comment on whether the direction is on track or if something in particular you've shown them is great or not, but with certain clients, they will want to wait until some form of their logo is produced before being able to confidently offer up comments.

{ Symbol Becomes Letterform }

Idea} Even shown partially, the kayak still reads clearly as both object and letter. The two words can also sit side by side with the one difference: the color. Nice color scheme: bright green/yellow with dark gray. Generally, one accent color is all that is needed unless multiple colors or patterns are part of the identity of the client.

Idea} Even though the letterforms are not in perspective, the illusion of a 3-D perspective is added with the 3-D object. Secondary line is placed and spaced very well.
Idea} The perspective is emphasized with the angle of the letterforms matching the typeface "o". Letters now look as if you can hold it. Nice blend of photo and letters but this is more suitable for a blog banner but will need some modification for actual logo.

{ Creative Symbolism }

Idea} The meaning of the words is strengthened in the "demonstration." Letters can be thought of as objects that can be broken or carved.
Idea} 1. The arrow symbol is composed to create a larger symbol that both work hand-in-hand in communicating the identity of the client. 2. The reflection of the dog is another strategy for adding a 3-dimensional quality. The logotype "Creative Dog" thus appears like an object floating almost held by some force from the dog.
{ Exploring Perspective / 3-D }

Idea} 1. Use of shadow to create 3-D quality that further strengthens the identityof the client. 2. Execution of the overlap also creates 3-D quality.

Idea} Just a slight darkening of the red and careful shaping of the label instantly creates the "box".

Idea} The "S" is expressed by the perspective view and strategic coloring of the carved box.

{ Morphed Letterforms }

Idea} The example above caught my attention since the first letters of buckdaddy blog are of similar construction: bdb. The letters can be composed to create a unique symbol.

{ Connected Letterforms }

{ Logo as Label or Stamp }

Idea} Although the logo may not end up being printed as a sticker or made into an inking stamp, the notion of allowing the logo to appear that way just makes it more tangible thus more permanent. The example above also has a great color scheme using red and blue as the accent colors very well. Below: the study and transformation of the logo is a great reference for me.

Idea} Not only is the logo designed like a label, the label morphs into a more 3-d object. The letterforms are beautifully layed out.
{ Fonts Creating Personality }

Idea} The 2 examples in this category generally address that picking the right font is key, and sometimes if there isn't one that exists that is just right, as in the case of the Andre Balazs logotype, just design one yourself. With the font style conveying so much personality, you will notice a symbol or other image is not necessary in the client identity.

{ Placement of the Symbol and Architectural Inspiration }
The logo below is one that was hard for me to categorize. Originally it was with a group of logos inspired by architecture, but for this project, what I take is the way the symbol is pushed between the letterforms instead of above or next to as I'm used to seeing. The symbol is a simplified version of a modern building form, but in my background of architecture, the inspiration I take from architecture is that type {letterforms} can be treated like real building blocks that are subject to real forces like gravity, weight, tension, and compression.

{ Color Schemes }

Idea} Red is such a bold color and the examples above use it effectively. It looks great on white and with black and gray. Top right image: It also can look great with a muted blue or green or blue/green.

Idea} Bright green as an accent looks great here with the gray and layered over the background. Might work but we'll have to just test it out.

Idea} Strong, classic color scheme. Instead of black, the main color is a dark shade of blue/green. Examples below also start to see possibilities for a blue or blue/green color scheme. Dark brown can also be tested as a background color. Very last image on bottom right: love the gradient of color over a black and white image.

Sources for Graphic Design Inspiration {and Images} Above
Graphic Exchange *Incredible catalog of only the best.

Others Worth Mentioning
Stay tuned for Part 3 / Experimentation ~ Putting the Inspiration to Use.

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  1. I like where you are headed. I like the logos that incorporate an image or the text is actually the image like the kayak, jack in the box, and flood light. Not a big fan of the "Bright green as an accent" one bc it seems a little too artistic and girly for me. I do like the idea of being able to make a BDB stamp or sticker in the future. You are rocking this project out! Thank you so much


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