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Motivational "Mondays" : Age is not a Limit

Congratulations to my 84 year old Cooper-Young neighbor Sarah Overton for representing Memphis well in the National Senior Games this past August. I met Sarah by walking past her house during our frequent walks to the Cooper-Young corner; and when she sat through a photo shoot portrait session for me 4 years ago, we talked about her love for pole vaulting. What’s more amazing than her snatching the gold is that she had only started pole vaulting a few years earlier.

This past August in Palo Alto, CA she won gold in the women’s over 80 division of the high jump, discus, and javelin throw. She also ranked 2nd in the pole vault and 3rd in the long jump. See more of her stats here.

We just saw her this past weekend just as spritely as ever. If she's not motivation to succeed no matter your age, I don’t know what is.

Sorry for the delay in this posting. I guess you can say I wasn't motivated enough on a Monday to post anything. The portrait session with Sarah was when I discovered a faulty mechanism in my camera so the photos disappointly did not come out at all. I hope to do an interview and new photos of Sarah in the future.

Photo from College Publisher website.

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  1. She goes to our church and although I don't know her personally, I hear great things about her and her energy!


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