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O-wow #6 ~ Modern Jewelry Incorporates Wood and 3D Technology

Jewelry designer/artist Anthony Roussel has taken a process and technology, that I have only used to make plain ol' topographic study models, to create mesmerizing organic forms with delicate layers of wood and sometimes cork. It is a fitting expression of an organic material. Roussel's experiments with 3d software, CNC routing & milling machines, laser cutting/etching, water jet cutting, and rapid prototyping have won him many awards including an innovation prize. Small photos above show his bangle designs, 3 in birch and 1 in cork, next to a large photo of my favorite piece ~ the Branch Bangle.

The rings shown above are also made from birch using the same cutting and layering process as the bangles. On top of great design, Roussel also practices an ethical and eco-conscious business, sourcing materials from their origin and from ethically responsible suppliers. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether this wearable art is available for purchase, but please visit the sites below to see where his work is currently on exhibit.

Special thanks to Allison for sending me the link to this site.
Photos from Anthony Roussel website. Graphic label design by Sophorn.

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  1. Unsurprisingly, these days it’s still common to view Modern Jewelry as a separator of social status, gender, age and condition in life, the servant of such human vanities as refinement, political power, wealth and sometimes even superstition. Our modern societies added an extra item to this list of vanities, which was the annexation of contemporary jewelry design to the realm of the fine arts and, subsequently, to contemporary art museums. Though most of us still consider art jewelry more of a craft than part of the Arts, things are changing considerably, particularly in Germany.


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