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RELAX Chicago Favorites

We really only took advantage of 2 places to relax in Chicago ~ Millennium Park and our bed at Hotel 71. There are only a few photos in this category to share probably because I was too exhausted to lift up the camera and snap many photos.

Millennium Park / The great lawn at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion designed by Frank Gehry / East of the N Michigan & E Randolph Corner
I took a good 10 minute power nap here while Atticus and Christopher shared some snacks. Our friend Juan strongly suggested the Tai Chi classes offered here at 7 am during the weekends but it was raining and honestly we were too tired to wake up that early even if it wasn't raining.

Hotel 71 / 33rd Floor / 71 E Wacker St.
We only saw the inside of our hotel room during our before-dinner naps and at bedtime, and I’m quite impressed Atticus wanted to spend more time looking out the window than watching the tv.

There were other ways Atticus relaxed. He rode like a king in his stroller with his blanket and did some ballet-like stretches at the hotel window but the most common picture of relaxation is below.

We really enjoyed our 4-day family vacation in Shee-ca-go, as Atticus would say. He talked about it for days after we returned home, and as you can see I’ve talked about it for 2 months after the trip.

I’ll continue to edit my Chicago guide as I find more useful links and suggestions.
All photos and graphic design by Sophorn.

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