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December Rock -n- Romp

We finally attended our first Rock-n-Romp after hearing so much about it from all our music-loving friends with kids. I attend a lot of free live music with Atticus, but when an event like this centers around welcoming kids, they are well accommodated therefore both kids and parents can comfortably enjoy themselves.

Memphis and about four other cities {Austin,Baltimore, Philadelphia and St. Louis} participate in Rock-n-Romp. I now consider it the hip way we do a playdate.

Atticus took front row when we arrived to see the second band up The Bulletproof Vests just starting their set. He also helped take a few shots with the camera. See the next two shots below.

Atticus was entertained with the fact that he could scream at the top of his lungs during the music and it didn't bother anyone. The rest of the shots of him and the other kids were literally a blur. It was constant movement but never did it feel chaotic.

Near the closing of Rock-n-Romp and the beginning of the South Main Holiday Parade, Atticus' friend and neighbor Elek joined us for the night without his parents. They were very excited when candy was thrown during the parade. It was the only thing that kept them wanting to stay out in that cold weather. {As evidenced above, Elek ate lots of not-so-good food. Sorry Diana and Peter.}

The next Rock-n-Romp is January 16 at the Center for Southern Folklore, downtown Memphis.
Thanks Stacey for the info.
Photos by Sophorn and Atticus.


  1. so glad you guys came! and i love your pictures!

    just an fyi--rock n romp started (and continues) in DC. baltimore was second and we were third :) i believe there's a boston chapter and st. louis did one show, not sure if they ever did a second.

    next show is jan 16th at the center for southern folklore. hope to see you there!

  2. Laura Colquett GrahamDecember 15, 2009 at 3:32 PM

    Hey Sophorn! What program do you use to post/edit your pics? You are a great photographer btw.

  3. Great. Thanks for the info. We'll try to make it.

  4. I use Photoscape available free. I posted the link under label: design tools.


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