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Inside the {Logo} Design ~ Buck Daddy Blog / Part 4 / Refining

Based on the comments from Part 3 of the BuckDaddyBlog logo design, I started to refine everyone's favorites especially Buck. Part 3 options are on left and refined as it goes to the right or below. See further explanations below.

One of the greatest surprises for me was that the graphic did not look like a father tossing his daughter into the air to many viewers so that is why I see how much I needed that fresh perspective. Since Buck stressed that the logo should be fun, I wanted to keep going with that father-tossing-daughter image with modification of the father to look more like an actual figure. Separating one arm from the daughter in order to see a hand is the significant change. I just hope it can now past another fresh perspective test. {oops, Font Options are supposed to be labeling the rows not column.}

The second major set of refining involved making the logo look like a stamp or sticker. Boxing in the image seems to solidify everything. All of these options work well in black and white. The bd graphic at the start looks like a common logo I have started to see very often lately so adding the graphic image makes it much more unique to Buck. The last study of the text bubble addresses a suggestion to make the bubbly more like a "D."

The third major study that falls a bit outside of refining is the color study. Buck wanted a color scheme involving red, black and grey. There were various reds that I sampled from other logos that work {see Part 2} which is then tested against both black and white backgrounds. The logos below represent the options from above that have the most potential.

Stay tuned for Part 5 / Either Further Refining or Testing Application of Logo. Also please feel free to comment. Your input will be put to use.


  1. Thank you for going taking into all the feedback. The dad tossing the kid looks crisper.

    In Letter Study - Vertical Stack, I like 4th one down first and 2nd one.
    In Mark Study I like 1st line, 5th one and the rectangular box that has the whole name
    I am not crazy about the Red Color Study. I was thinking of it more as an accent color. I do like how the black and white and can be reversed. Would look great on a black tshirt

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