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The Meaning of Christmas: Photo Concept No. 4

Christopher and I both agree that the true joy in Christmas is going to see our family, since both sides live a half a day's drive away and we don't often see them. I believe that the most important part of Jesus' message of love for others is to be heralded during Christmas. The joy of love can only be felt through sharing it with others and for us much more with our family.

In this "coming home" series, Atticus really is greeting Christopher with his usual enthusiasm when he is coming back home from work. We are also traveling to see our family today where we feel like we are going home and just like in today's song, they are saying, "Just come on home." It's the best feeling in the world.

There were other pretty good shots just in Atticus' expressions that we also wanted to share below even though it gives away the floating secret. Safe travels to you as you head "home."

See further explanation of the series here.

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  1. these are priceless! there is no better feeling than an excited greeting from your little ones! merry christmas and hope we get to see you soon!


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