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The Meaning of Christmas: It's Christmas Day! Jesus' Birthday Party!

"Happy Birthday Baby Jesus. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus! His party is on Christmas Day!"
~Atticus singing what he calls the new Christmas song.

The finale for this series inspired by Atticus' meaning of Christmas, is our own humble birthday party for Jesus. It was rather sweet that Atticus wanted to get a cake for the party too. He didn't eat the cupcake until later that night. Also, he has not asked for anything for Christmas. Maybe it's because he understands that it's Jesus' birthday and only the birthday boy gets the presents, okay, maybe not. There is plenty of time for that, so we are just enjoying it while it lasts. We hope you enjoy your Christmas too.

Merry Christmas, and of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

Just to throw in one more version of the very first Christmas concept which uses the background to create the life and color of the letters. This background is the light of our Christmas tree. It has potential as a gift tag that we can use every year.


  1. tucker told me about your blog...wow! it's incredible! i'm in awe of your photography skills. do you ever offer lessons? i have a five month old daughter and really need to up my skills. love, love, love your happy birthday Jesus photos.

  2. oh my. I don't even consider myself a photographer. I do photography but I am actually hoping to get some lessons myself from a local pro Dirk Olsen. My advice is just to let her play with the camera. No rules just shoot from the hip then go from there. I'll be glad to send some examples of great kid photographers.


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