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Valentine's day is never just a couple's holiday to us. We always make sure our nieces, nephews, parents, and grandparents get appreciated as well. With my recent purchase of a die cut machine and since our printer wasn't functioning at the moment, I experimented with creating text cut outs and colored backgrounds. The photos above show the mini posters with a message from Atticus to his Grandma and Grammy. When we came up with the rhyme, I realized there was a Soulja boy song with similar words in the lyrics. I trust Grandma and Grammy won't relate the two so that they will surely take it as a sweet tender message.

The two ideas below uses a sticker label. With the envelope, the label functions as the seal. When the printer is back up I would look at adding some color or pattern to the label as well. To the ladies in the family, you will hopefully get your cards and sweets from Atticus by Valentine's day. xoxo

Click here to see another experiment I've done before with sewing the envelope in my "love" series.
Photos by sophorn.

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