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After deciding that the crème brulee trio would be centerpiece of the Valentine’s dinner menu, I decided to keep the French theme when looking for ideas for the other dishes. The challenge would be that most of the items would need to be Atticus-friendly. He loves chicken, bread, cheese, and fruit like most kids, so those ingredients plus great flavor would be a real pleaser. I also received some good suggestions from friends and found good resources that I’ll use anytime I need to plan a dinner. {Click dish name for recipe links.} Here’s how my menu is shaping up. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

1} Perfect French Bread - Toasted
2} Brie Cheese drizzled with honey and almonds or
Sole Memphis recipe

I can’t wait!
Photos from related menu links.

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  1. The menu looks great! I hope everything goes well and have an awesome VDay dinner w/ your family! =)


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