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My 3 Year Old ~ A Born Romantic

I often tell people that Atticus, my 3 year old, is a very sweet kid, and he is charming even when you first meet him but it’s hard to really understand how truly sweet he is without being around him. I compiled a list of examples that describe his personality traits with its related display of kindness. I also wonder if they could translate into ideas for being romantic to your someone special. Oh, he is still young and good to his mommy so I’m relishing the moment yet hoping this isn’t a phase and his loving continues. See the list below. It’s a bit of a tribute to him in sharing how much I appreciate him.

1} Observant ~ He noticed that the mom of his daycare friend Hannah did something different with her hair and asked, “Did you get a haircut?” She was so flattered.

2} Polite ~ When I say I need to leave the room, he opens the door for me when he is next to it.

3} Attentive ~ He is enamored by his baby cousin Lib. He sat next to her and watched her while she was eating and asked, “Do you need to drink some water?” as he hands her the cup.

4} Concerned + Caring ~ Just out of the blue, likes to ask “Are you happy?” When I say yes, he says, “Good. I’m happy too.”

5} Affectionate + “Passionate” ~ He loves kisses, hugs, and snuggling. When we kiss and somehow the lips don’t meet just right, he says, “Let’s try that again” and makes sure he gets it right the second time. Also, since he was around a year and a half, he started doing a “passionate” kiss where he puts his hands around my neck, stares into my eyes for a moment, then pulls me in for the kiss. Don’t know where he learned that from but he has it down perfect like a confident gentleman.

6} Generous ~ He often shares his food and lets me eat his last piece even if it’s a piece of his favorite candy or sweet. He also insists on feeding the piece to me.

7} Selfless ~ He lets me watch AND watches chick flicks with me. He calls them “mommy’s movies” and often replies when I put it in, “Yes, you can watch it if you want.”

8} Soft-hearted ~ He cries during sad scenes in movies. The best example was during “Where the Wild Things Are” when Max is going home and says good bye to the monsters. He says his favorite part in the movie is when he finally gets home and sees his mom.

9} Complimentary ~ “Mommy, you look pretty.” “ I like your dress.” I always wonder whether he’s trying to flatter me for a piece of candy but he has never asked for anything.

10} Creative + Resourceful + Thoughtful ~ As shown in the photo above, he placed all his popsicle makers together and ran to me with arms extended. “Mommy, I have ‘flowers’ for you.” My heart exploded.

Atticus really is a true sweetheart, and that is why we’re not leaving him out of our Valentine’s dinner this year.


  1. Sophorn! Be still my heart. What a sweetie, indeed. I think he's definitely a mix of both you and Christopher. Love this list. And I think whoever he ends up with one day (if he indeed does, but really, how could he not, right?) will really treasure this list, too! Yay for Atticus and his amazingness.

  2. Omg, he is soooo sweet! Whoever he ends up with will be a very lucky person to have him. ^_^

  3. Sophorn,
    I LOVE keeping up with Atticus on here and on Twitter. He is so cute! and hilarious! I want to hang out with him! I wish he was 20ish years older. Keep the updates on his amazingness coming :) I hope you're doing well.


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