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Asian Bees Photography & Style Sessions Photo Shoot

As a supplement to Mary Cashiola's Fashion Week series, I thought I would post the photo that came a close second in showing the last outfit posted today on her Memphis Flyer blog Style Sessions. The photo on Style Sessions shows off the dress better but the one above is absolutely my favorite photo of myself, and I really have very goofy snapshots of myself from the few I even allow to be taken. {The photo is taken against my favorite graphic wall in the empty floor above Formus where I work.}

After working with photographer Annabella of Asian Bees Photography for the first time and seeing the final shots, I knew she was a pro, especially since she never once said "1, 2, 3, smile and say cheese". No cheese here. I have to give her all the credit for coaching me in getting the right poses, so below I thought we could summarize a few "modeling" tips that I learned in addition to learning that I couldn't be a model. {I was a bit sore after holding some of those poses.}

Every shot Annabella always had to say:
"Arch your back."
"Put your chin down."
"Bend one leg."
"Relax your shoulders."

Boy did it pay off.

I would highly recommend Annabella for your next set of portraits. She said she would work anywhere even globally. If you want to book her for a session, please contact her by email or phone. asianbeesphotography@yahoo.com or 901.383.0956

Photo courtesy of Annabella Brandon, Asian Bees Photography. Thanks again to Annabella for contributing her time and especially Mary Cashiola for presenting this showcase opportunity to us.

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