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Dirk Olsen Photography

Most Memphis photographers or those who dabble in photography probably have met Dirk Olsen buying camera gear or film at Memphis Photo Supply but may not know the expanse knowledge and inspiration they can gain from him. Personally, I, for some time, never thought to ask whether he was a photographer until recently and was blown away and a bit humbled when I actually saw his work. I mentioned to him and others that I do photography but don't consider myself a photographer knowing the quality of work like Dirk's I have yet to achieve.

Dirk was kind enough to share his portfolio {eye candy for today} and allow me to assist on his next photo shoot to learn some photography tips, particularly lighting, for my next feature with him. Please feel free to send me questions you have for him about photography or about him before April 11.

Published work includes MIDSOUTH Magazine { August, Dec 2009}, Live at the Garden {Summer 2009}, Mobile Bay Monthly 2008 Swimsuit Edition, Katie Kalsi Collection {Spring 2009}, and Nashville Home and Garden {December 2008}. He also recently assisted Mike Trobee in shooting promotional photos for the band Shinedown. See more of his work here on his website where you also can contact him.
Photos courtesy of Dirk Olsen. All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credits
1. Model, Stevie Shotwell /hair & makeup, Kristie Hartunian 2. Model, Stephanie - test shoot - Chattanooga model 3. Model, Holly/ test shoot / agency, colors / styling, Lisa Thomas 4. Model, Rose / testing lighting with a great local model 5. Model, Staci Boatwright / agency, Neabean / styling, Augusta Campbell / hair & makeup, Emily Oliva 6. Model, Betsy Batt / agency Colors, Block / hair and makeup, Kristie Hartunian / wardrobe provided by Crazy Beautiful 7. Model, Rachael - real bride, first attempt at a bridal portrait 8. Model, Jacqueline Nixon - represented in Orlando / test shoot

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