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Motivational Monday: Memphian Helps Cambodia

About two months ago, I met Jennifer as she was preparing to leave Memphis for Cambodia to begin her missionary work with the Daughters of Cambodia through the Orphanos Foundation. Actually, she found me through my blog and contacted me hoping I could help prepare her for her first visit to my home country. I could only teach her a few Khmer customs and point her to the entire month of my April postings from last year about Cambodia, but she probably taught me about much bigger things. Jennifer was going to a country she had never been before where the idea of convenience is hardly its defining characteristic. More importantly, she was leaving her family and friends to help women in the sex trade find a decent option to support their family. No matter what country, women need support and a way to empower themselves. That is Jennifer's mission.

With her background in interior design, Jennifer helped renovate and design a shop space {pink building shown above} for the girls and women of Daughters to sell their handcrafted pieces like the ones in the online catalogue and shown below. Their selection of fashion pieces and home accessories are all hand-woven cotton which is entirely natural and eco-friendly.

You can read more about Jennifer and her project and find more information on donating or volunteering through the links below.

Jennifer's Blog / Orphanos Giving / Daughters of Cambodia Catalogue

Jennifer, I am praying for you and, especially now as I am fasting, understand that it's about making sacrifices for God and others. Missing food for a week is not as hard as missing your family and friends for three months. The rewards will overwhelm you. ~Sophorn

Photos from Jennifer Ekedel and Daughters of Cambodia website.

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