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TO: Wes Anderson FRO: Alex Cornell { and Me. Sort Of }

{Below is the blow-up of the small text floating in movie poster above}

Dear Wes Anderson,

I have found someone as obsessed with your work as I am. He too seems to find you "most intriguing." From you, we learn to love things odd and quirky, embrace imperfections in people and in the design process, and just plain lighten up even in the most serious of serious moments.

So with the extensive marketing package Alex has playfully and veraciously designed for a film festival around YOU plus my carefully selected playlist of songs { both of which are for events and Wes Anderson films yet to exist in reality or even yet in your mind }, we hope to pay you respect.

Most sincerely,
A film and music lover

"It is larger than usual because it is more awesome than usual."

See and read more on this creative project including the Wes Anderson Film Festival trailer through the links below.

Alex Cornell {dot} com / Behance / ISO50

Please feel free to send me any song ideas for the "Song Suggestions for Wes Anderson" playlist. {See featured playlist on the sidebar.} I am not suggesting that Wes Anderson will ever see it, but if you can make that happen, let me know too!

Photos courtesy of Alex Cornell.

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