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What to Wear: Cocktail Dresses

The AIA Memphis Celebration of Architecture and Design Awards is coming up this month, and I would love to buy a new cocktail dress for the occasion. Here are the ones I have my eye on from my favorite new online shop All Saints. They all somehow play with an assymetrical line and complex folding. Should I could go with another black dress or try a plaid option?

2010 Celebration of Architecture and Design Awards
Saturday / March 20 / 6:30 pm / Opera Memphis
Tickets are now on sale for the cocktail styled event. Click here for ticket info.


  1. i think the second dress style would look stunning on you with your petite figure.
    banana republic always has great dresses that are timeless.

  2. yes thanks, that one will make me look taller.

  3. Todd Steele (@fijitodd)March 3, 2010 at 2:06 PM

    I personally love a dress that breathes. Wait, I don't wear dresses. what was I thinking. I like the black one. <snicker></snicker>

  4. I wouldn't judge you if you wore a dress. You should wear the archimania yellow!

  5. I like the second one from the left as well. I mean, if you're in black they'll approve :)

  6. I'm shocked at the LBD support!!! I think you would be stunning in the plaid! I think that your beauty and personality STAND OUT and so should your dress -- and if you are going to spend money then buy something with a pattern. Take pictures!!

  7. Thank you for such kind words. I really do like the plaid.


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