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Tasted: Thai House ~ Dothan

Although we visited Thai House a few weeks ago in Dothan, Alabama where my sister and Christopher's family live, it seemed appropriately timed for the University of Memphis folks starting their spring break this weekend and possibly passing right by this restaurant as they head down to the beach. In a city that Christopher has told me is the chain-restaurant capital of America, resist the temptation of choosing what's nationally known and try something locally known. You'll be very thankful.

1} The clear broth noodle soup comes complimentary with the meal.
2-3} The stir-fry beef cooked in oyster sauce comes with a side of rice and fried wontons with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce.
4} Thai rolls are vegetable spring rolls that come with a pineapple dipping sauce and also come very hot {Atticus is trying to cool his down.}
5} The hot tea is served as a tea bag with hot water in this whimsical elephant teapot.
6} The pad thai can be served with your choice of chicken, beef, or shrimp. It was the favorite dish that day.

We were pleasantly surprised to walk into a restaurant located in a plain strip center and find this vibrant decor. The waiting area with built-in seating is shown above.

Directions: From Memphis and 231 south route just as you enter Dothan city limits, Thai House will be up on your right after passing the new Target and Murphy Mill Road. See a map here then see the menu here.

Thai House
4177 Montgomery Hwy {231}
Dothan, AL
ph +1.344.699.2064
Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Photos by Sophorn.

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