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Memphis Farmer's Market at City Hall

Here's a few mouth watering shots to get you over to the Memphis Farmer's Market at City Hall before it's over at 2 today. I got the strawberries, and they are delicious. Make sure to visit the Memphis Farmer's Market this Saturday and every Saturday through fall at their normal downtown location of S. Front & G.E. Patterson. Stay tuned for full posting.

Photos by Sophorn.


  1. Great pics! It was a beautiful weekend to open the farmers market. If you don't mind me asking, how do you get your pictures to look the way you frame them?

    Also can I put a plug in to stop the auto play music on your blog? Love tunes, but clicking through the site back and forth and having it start over and over again is a form or punishment.

  2. Thanks. I use photoscape{.org}, a free/opensource photo editing program that automates borders like that.

    Sorry about the autoplay. It's written in the code so I don't think you can do anything but turn off your speakers.


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