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To Crave ~ Baba Ganoush with Fresh Pita at Casa Grill

The To Crave series is really a good compliment to the Tasted series, since getting a taste of something delicious, I will crave it often, eat it often, and enjoy it often. This roasted eggplant and pita bread appetizer at Casa Grill {formerly known as Casablanca Cafe} is no exception. We love eating dinner at Casa and will always order this appetizer using the olive oil made by the owner Aimer's father in Jerusalem. {They have bottles of this olive oil for sale too.}

Casa Grill {formerly in Cooper-Young}
New Location open now near Whole Foods Market
5030 Poplar Ave, Suite 7
Memphis, TN 38117
ph +1.901.725.8557 or 1.901.684.2009

Photo/graphics by Sophorn. Photo style inspiration via Bonnie Tsang.


  1. FORMERLY IN COOPER YOUNG?! please tell me he didn't shut down the one in cooper young. i love the casa grill! nice photo by the way. It makes me crave some baba ganoush.

  2. Based on their Urbanspoon page, the cooper-young location is closed. Someone confirmed that they passed by and saw it was closed as well.

  3. Visited Casa twice and found the food to be mediocre and not properly prepared. The spanakopita was soggy, the delivery of the food to the tables was confused, and the owner split the bill (instead of giving each couple their own - as promised in advance) and we were unfairly charged $35 for two sandwiches. The owner thought this was fair. We'll never go back.


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