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The Mind {and Voice} Behind "How to Architect"

When brainstorming posting ideas for National Architecture Week, I quickly remembered a how-to video series discovered by my fellow designer at Formus Architects, called How to Architect. I thought I would post a few of the videos but then decided to get in touch with the series creator and registered architect Doug Patt. He was so kind to send me pieces of his work portfolio and answer a few questions along with the couple of the How to Architect videos I first wanted to post. I found the videos most interesting because it really is hard to talk about architecture to people who are not in the field. I have a couple of people I am trying to mentor that I thought would get some use out of this series, especially with the visual approach and Doug’s smooth, soothing voice.

See the interview below his sketch below. Two example videos from the How to Architect series follows the interview.

What initiated the series?
A friend was helping me with my
abirdfeeder website & my portfolio website and loved my lettering. He thought I should do a YouTube video about 'how to write like an architect' and thought my voice would be perfect for the voiceover. So I did it.

What has been the response from both the public and architects/designers?
Overwhelmingly positive. I get the most email from students and professionals looking to go into the field of architecture or make a career change. On the downside I get less friendly responses every once in a while from architects. It's as though "I'm giving away the keys to the castle" or "dumbing down" the information too much. I'm no genius, but I enjoy making the videos, teaching and I do my best.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
My best friend ~ my wife.

What are your biggest challenges as a designer?
I don't consider any challenges as a designer tough other than this economy. What I consider tough are the challenges of an entrepreneur. Taking products to market is the toughest thing I've ever done.

Codes are my biggest stumble. Any video how-to's on that anytime soon?
I'm terrible at that stuff simply because it bores me to tears. Now that I've been in the business a while I try to have others do that work for me.
{By the way, I also asked Doug whether he’s done a series on passing the ARE, Architectural Registration Exam. He has not done any - yet, maybe.}

What are your favorite pieces of architecture?
Tough Question. I'd say Corbusier's Ronchamp, Shin Takamasu's Dentist office, Calatrava's Tenerife auditorium & Eero Saarinen's Dulles International airport.

Doug Patt ~How To Architect Web / YouTube / Twitter / Facebook


Thanks Doug. Images courtesy of Doug Patt. All Rights Reserved.

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